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Caught a burglar part 3
  CamilaPunt, Nov 30 2011

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update 3.1

morning meet at the police station

thief arrives and tries to shake hands with my dad and everybody is just like 'wtf'

he has some struggles in transferring money but finally manages to transfer about 3k dollars to my sisters account

my sister tells him he has till tonight to give the rest in exchange she will let the charges go but if he doesnt she will go through with it

regardless of if she drops the charges or not the guy has robbed the whole building already in previous occasion and the people who now know are already setting up a building meeting to get him evicted and get some lawsuits against him.

as extras the guy throughout the meet is like 'man im such an idiot, im so sorry.. god i cant believe what i have done' and yadayadayada but all throughout my sis feels he is a scammer by nature and trying to con his way out... which in some ways he is if shes actually gonna drop the charges but doesnt bother me so much cause the rest of the building will go after him including angry old lawyer and police chief that live there

shes now trying to get him to talk about how he has a key and who else is involved and why he did it

also the sensationalist media will be aired anyways apparently and it airs in about 10 minutes.. gonna check it out and if that goes through ill just release my vid

mini update 3.1.1

video was just aired on live media here so i'll liberate my own video compilation of the entry
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Caught a Burglar
  CamilaPunt, Nov 27 2011

heres the story:
Part 1
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Part 2
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part 2.1

I ended up passing out in the afternoon, when I woke up my wife had gone out and babysitter would be leaving shortly which means I had to stay with my baby and could not go visit my sis to see the updates

as far i know police chief + lawyer+ sis all met up
lawyer called burglar and burglar is agreeing to payup money apparently and asked that my sister write him a receipt of receiving back the stolen money
what is hilarious as well is that we said he owed like ~10k dollars but then he is like no the total was like ~9.2k dollars and my sis is like 'oh snap he is probably right cause i remember spending like x amount of the money for some bills or something' . The lawyer quickly agrees to write this receipt as it has really no effect. They all agreed for tomorrow morning for this money to be given and afterwards she would go to the police station with the police chief...

some extras that i recall are

Lawyer is not charging anything which is extremely generous. He comes from a very rich family and has just married into an even richer family but still very nice of him. He doesn't even know my sister till today.

Everyone here when dealing with important figures tend to call them 'doctor' as a respectful thing, so the lawyer was like 'doctor' to the police chief and she after finding out his name is like 'hey i know who you and your family are please call me by first name' which i found amusing.

Next steps of interrogation will be coming up as the video of him breaking entry he seems to have the key to the apartment -- how did he get the key-- possible doormen involvement in this as well... also when talking to him personally the guy seems fairly normal --> what the hell was his motivation to do this stuff? Clepto or necessity or what? Cause he comes from a middle-upper class family which is just bizarre.

The whole process is going really slow in my eyes.

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LAPT chile & ps s-mill FT
  CamilaPunt, Jan 19 2009

Anyone here at LAPT chile? Looking for friendly faces

Hotel here is amazing, kinda in the sea, so yu feel like your in a ship, just a beautiful view.

Don't usually post tourney scores but sunday mill is an exception. So yesterday i luck sacked my way to the ft with over 8k users, ended up losing in 8th though. Lost to a pretty sick monkey who had in a few previous hands won AQ v AK ai, 99 vs JJ on flop ai and he finally beat me on a ep raiser, he sb flat, i bb raise, ep fold he flat call, flop 225 i bet he ca, turn 3 i bet he shove i call and he has a4 and i had AA.

Pretty sick to lose like this caue the table had only bad/scared money players . Oh well maybe the good luck will go to the lapt.

Anyways enough of brag/slit wrists, if anyone here i am in room 520.

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